Download the Av99Bot and the SrvcXlgBot

Disclaimer and Copyright notice

I, XelaG (Alex Grigny de Castro), have done my best to insure that original versions of my software are of good quality. Nevertheless, I accept no responsibility for any damages the use of my software could inflict. If you object to this attitude, do not download or use my software.

You may not rename, de-compile or reverse-engineer this software.

Any attempt to present a bot as being a Xelagot without my explicit consent will be treated as forgery.

The software on this page is freeware for non-commercial use and remains my intellectual property. You are free to distribute it and use it for non-commercial use, provided no alterations are made to the program code or copyright notices.

I retain the right to deny usage of my programs to people or institutions. In particular, infringement of ActiveWorlds rules - as long as they remain within the bounds of fairness and honesty - may lead to such a denial.

Xelagot, including X1, Av99bot and SrvcXlgBot are copyright (c) 1999-2004 of Alex Grigny de Castro (XelaG), and all copies of Xelagot remain my legal property.

The bot SDK (aw.dll) is copyright and property of ActiveWorlds Corp.

This software was written using Delphi 5 Object Pascal (copyright Inprise Corporation). The Av99Bot runs on Windows 98, NT4, 2000 and XP (not tested on ME but may work), the SrvcXlgBot runs as a service on Windows NT4, 2000 and XP. The clients may not run properly on Windows 95.


Av99Bot and SrvcXlgBot download:
Upgrading to versions 3.607 or newer

Xelagot 3.607 introduces many changes, and upgrading from an older version (3.606 or older) requires that the user or hosting service manually moves certain files to new folders. Please read the page on this link before upgrading.

The Av99Bot version 3.614 (AW 3.6 SDK 41)

This ActiveWorlds multi-bot application has a minimal GUI. (Windows 95/98/ME and Nt4/2000/XP, InternetExplorer 4 or higher)

The SrvcXlgBot - NT Service edition of the Av99Bot version 3.614 (AW 3.6 SDK build 41)

This ActiveWorlds multi-bot application has no user interface and runs in the background as an NT service (Windows NT4, 2000, XP, InternetExplorer 4 or higher).

A second copy of SrvcXlgBot can be downloaded here.

Second copy of the NT service bot, identical to SrvcXlgBot. This zip does not contain the AW.DLL or the Chat files! Why a second copy? You can not install an NT service twice: this second copy has a few internal changes to allow a second service to run, and the name of the executable is slightly different. It must be installed in its own folder, not in the one of the SrvcXlgBot.exe. Please download first the SrvcXlgBot, install it in this folder (as well as in its own folder), delete SrvcXlgBot.exe from this folder (you don't need it), then unzip this file into the folder: the executable contained in the zip, SrvcXlg2.exe, is the one you must install as second NT service.

Check What's New in this version.

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If you wish to contribute with a donation to help me cover the costs I make for hardware, software and DSL internet connection, all necessary evils to make Xelagot and other free applications, you can't do so via PayPal, I kicked it out :)

Alex Grigny de Castro