Mars Pane Objects

The pane series on Mars has always been my favorite, not only for windows, but for walls, floors, roofs as well. I have added some missing objects, like the mysteriously absent inverted vertical 4x4 triangle, twin to panec.rwx, which I call paneg.rwx. Then I decided to add more: I made the slanting triangles to go with paneb.rwx: panebl.rwx, panebr.rwx, panetl.rwx and panetr.rwx. I contacted AWCOM (Facter) who seemed interested in uploading them to Mars for public use... I sent him the objects and the registry entries, and got no reply. So here they come, for anyone to grab and complete their collection of the pane series!
Download paneg.rwx, panebl.rwx, panebr.rwx, panetl.rwx and panetr.rwx

The second bundle of objects are pane-like stairs. The steps are 33.33 cm high, instead of the usual 50cm. Straight stairs have two numbers: the first one is the width, the second one is the height. Circular stairs have three numbers, the first is the inner radius, the second the width and the third is the height.
Download the pane-like stairs collection

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