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Xelagot Trivia Editor 1.2 An editor for Trivia files. The zip contains an html with instructions.
Ter2RWX Ter2RWX, a Terragen to RWX converter (terrain objects) with OpenGL renderer. Source code in Delphi Pascal v4/5 available here.
StarBox StarBox makes skyboxes with stars up to the 6th magnitude using the Tycho catalog. It can be used alone, or in combination with PSP or Photoshop. Merging these files with SkyPaint and Terragen skyboxes can result in perfect night skies!
RWX Globe generator Globe generator for RWX objects.
x2rwx (3D Canvas LP/Pro as from version 5.0.7) DirectX ascii X to Renderware RWX file converter. Converts (and tags) avatars, and translates animations to SEQ files.
Converts also 3DS (Max) files to RWX and SEQ.
Microsoft converters convx, conv3ds and convxof included in the zip.
rwxThing 4.6 RWXThing loads and modifies on demand RWX files (cleans vertices, faces, merges or deletes superfluous clumps, triangulates), lists textures and statistics, resaves RWX with/without prototypes, as avatar or as flat object. Converts to (3D Canvas LP/Pro) DirectX, to Viewpoint MTX, and to Fly3D F3D static and animated. You can download the Delphi Pascal (v4/5) source code too of RWXThing and of SeqLoader.dll.
RWXMapper Inspired on Magine's TexMap, UV-maps RWX file vertices from all positions: not only from front, back, top, bottom, left or right but from any other angle, using vector and matrix calculations. It has an OpenGL calculator for the axis-angle (with Pitch, Yaw, Roll input sliders) which allows you to rotate a cube (in perspective or ortogonal) to determine the mapping angle. You can change the order of rotations, the default is Pitch then Yaw then Roll. It supports TexMap named sections, delimited by #texbegin <name>, #texend. It also supports a fake vertex called #point, e.g.:
#point -0.500 0.030 0.000
which you can add to your vertex definitions to modify the bounding box calculation by RWXMapper.
x2mtx (3D Canvas LP/Pro) DirectX converter to Viewpoint MTX.
3ds2x Converts 3d Studio 3DS files to DirectX for 3D Canvas LP/Pro using Microsoft's conv3ds.exe. Does not rescale hierarchical objects (avatars) properly!
SEQ specs
Seq file specification and SeqFileViewer. SeqFileViewer 2.2 allows you to load and save binary and text SEQ files, edit a few of its aspects, including rescaling altitudes and location and fixing first frame anomalies.
SeqLoader.dll Dynamic link library for loading and extracting data from binary and text SEQ files. Includes Delphi 4/5 source code, a Delphi wrapper and a test application that uses the dll. Should work with C/C++ applications, but must still be tested by C programmers :)
Delphi loader for
Delphi source code to load xgDLLSQL.dll, the dll that connects xelagot to SQL engines. See xelagot SQL: Introduction for details.
fullidle.seq SEQ file that resets all limbs (joints) to their original position. Includes the 30 traditional limbs and the 12 3.3 new limbs. Can be used as idle sequence on all ActiveWorlds 3.4 avatars (except for avatars that require a custom reset, i.e. a reset not to the original position of the limbs).
Bird avatars Bird avatars and animations for ActiveWorlds
Mars objects Mars objects for ActiveWorlds
Bone Delphi 5 encapsulation of Bone.
Coordinates tutorial Tutorial on coordinate systems for object designers.
Home My home-page in the Netherlands

If you wish to contribute with a donation to help me cover the costs I make for hardware, software and DSL internet connection, all necessary evils to make Xelagot and other free applications, you can't do so via PayPal, I kicked it out :)

other links
AW SDK Bot SDK links:

AW SDK is the basic tool for making bots in C and C++, and is provided by, Inc. This SDK was made by Roland Vilett, AW's programmer. There are a few encapsulations of this SDK, allowing programmers to use other programming languages to make bots. These are:

Delphi SDK by Canopus (build 22, aw 3.2, OLD),

Delphi SDK by Magine (up to date), mAWAPI.PAS, and also the error codes AWREASONS.PAS, and a bot example,

VB SDK by MrGrimm,

Java SDK by Thierry Nabeth (NEW November 2002!).

Python SDK (experimental) by Cedric Adjih.

Mauz Mauz's help pages for ActiveWorlds: a wealth of information and links on all aspects of ActiveWorlds and other universes.
3D Canvas 3D Canvas (Amabilis) model designer and animator. There are 3 flavours: free, LP and Pro. Very intuitive. 3D Canvas LP/Pro (not the free version) exports and imports X files and other formats. Requires DirectX 8.0 and hardware support. Recomended: upgrade to version 5.07 or higher!
Free file format converters: x2rwx to convert X to RWX and SEQ, and RWXThing to convert RWX back to X. For Atmosphere users, x2mtx converts objects, avatars and animations to Viewpoint compatible format (with a little editing).
AccuTrans 3D AccuTrans 3D, graphic conversion program and seq file maker.
Andras Andras's bots and applications
alterlinks Alterlinks, xelagot and preston bot hosting service (hosts some other bots too).
Canopus Canopus' Mars, Delphi and Bots pages
ImaBots Bots from Imatowns
Magsbot Magine's Mags bot
Other bot links Bots, Avatars, Objects

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