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The Project: copying objects to another location

You must have read and understood the previous pages to be able to use these instructions.

I explain here a simple way to copy a project. With experience, you will learn more precise techniques, using the project origin for example, or by doing test builds.

Previous steps: you have made, cleaned up and saved a project. You have saved the project in two files (with different names): one will be used for deleting the old location (if that is what you want), the second one is for building the objects in a new location. I will deal here only with this second file, the one you will use to rebuild in a different place.

Load this file. Put your bot where you want to rebuild. Let the bot query this zone: menu Survey | Start query | (coordinates) get bot's | OK. You need to move the map to this zone: select menu Map | Move to | Centre survey or hit the appropriate button. You can then adjust the map by dragging it, so that it's center coincides with the centre of the project.THE MAP SHOWS THE DESTINATION AREA

You have now, supposedly, the map at the destination place, and it shows the zone you will build in (which may be empty of course). Make sure the Projects tab is visible. You will use the Translate by panel on the Transforms tab. Notice it says: translate by, not move to.

Checkmark the boxes NS, WE and Altitude on the left side of the Translate by panel of the Transforms tab, and checkmark the Transforms box on the Project tab.

On the Translate by panel hit Bring to Map Area: this moves the whole project to the visible map area. Hit after that Round Off, to make sure objects stay grouped together in the same cells as they were originally. Then hit update to see the changes. You should now see your project on the map. If your project's surface is very large, some of it might fall outside the survey zone.

Note: the input boxes on the Translate by panel are not for inputting the coordinates of the place where you want the project. They show by how much the project has to be moved to reach destination. Use Bring to Map area to move the project to the map area.

To fine-tune the position of the objects of the project at the destination, you can use the arrows Adjust NSWE and Altitude on the Translate by panel: the input boxes there allow you to specify the amount by which a click on the arrow will move the project. Make sure to hit Round Off after making changes (unless you are certain you have enough room to build and won't get a 'go build somewhere else, this area is full' message). And of course, after every change, hit update.

When you are satisfied that your project is in the right place, hit consolidate, this unselects the check box for Transforms automatically. Save your project to file.

You are now ready to build. Go to the Lists tab, clear all ADD and DELETE lists. Use the Build tab for building. If the result is not what you wanted, you can delete what you just built using the Destroy tab, option objects on AddSuccess list (that is why you should clear these lists before starting to build).

Advice: practice first with small projects, to get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect!