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These are the Xelagot help files. They were made for the x1.exe Xelagot, but some parts apply to the Av99Bot and the SrvcXlgBot as well. User interface references apply only to x1, Verbal Commands and Action Script apply to all. Email (smtp client), Client and Server settings apply to x1, although these functions are also operational in the other bots using scripts. The Av99Bot and the SrvcXlgBot have their own pages (see the links on the XelaG Quality Bots page) with instructions on how to install and set up these bots (this includes setting up email, client and server options).

I'll be adding and expanding items periodically. If you've been here recently, refresh the pages in your browser, they may have been modified and your browser may be loading an old cached version. Download of these pages zipped is temporarily not available.

Please do not ask me questions about the bot through AW telegrams, they will not be answered. Send me an e-mail to You can activate your favourite mailer from the xelagot's menu Help | Online | Email to contact me. Before asking questions, read the notices on the download page (especially if the chat files are not working), What's New for changes and the Help files for general and specific information.

Whats New

If you wish to contribute with a donation to help me cover the costs I make for hardware, software and DSL internet connection, all necessary evils to make Xelagot and other free applications, you can't do so via PayPal, I kicked it out :)

Getting started

(applies to x1 only)

Xelagot verbal commands

(user interface references apply to x1 only, the rest applies to all)

Xelagot topics

(applies mostly to x1)


Xelagot building tools

(applies to x1 only)

Xelagot terrain tools (3.3 caretaker tools)

(applies to x1 only)

Xelagot server/client

(user interface references apply to x1 only, scripting applies to all)

primary topics:

secondary topics:

Xelagot action script

(user interface references apply to x1 only, the rest applies to all)

As from Xelagot 3.607, make sure all your scripts are in the User folder (not the old Script folder). See here for more.