Xelagot action script

Events: AvatarAdd, AvatarChange, AvatarDelete

Refer to Events for general information.

AvatarAdd is caused when an avatar enters the bot's perception field.

AvatarChange is caused when an avatar changes position, yaw, gesture or avatar number. Special cases: citizen number or IP address received for the avatar.

AvatarDelete is triggered when an avatar leaves the bot's perception field, except if the bot teleports out of the world.

Installer: OnAvatarAddEvent <eventlabel>
Event type: 200

Installer: OnAvatarChangeEvent <eventlabel>
Event type: 300, changed position, gesture or avatar number
Event type: 301, citizen number received
Event type: 302, IP address received

Installer: OnAvatarDeleteEvent <eventlabel>
Event type: 400

Specific statements (must be inside these event handlers):

GetEventType %a stores the event type code in variable %a
GetEventResult %a stores the event result code in variable %a. 0 means success, other positive codes are equivalent to the rc codes of the SDK and the Windows codes. See SDK Error Codes.
GetAvatarName $a The name of the avatar causing this event is stored in $a
GetAvatarSession %a The session number of the avatar causing this event is stored in %a
GetAvatarPerson &p The data of the avatar causing this event are stored in &p. This includes name and session number.

A greeter bot example... (see also Person variables and operations).


Origin=0.000n 0.000w 0.00a 0.0°

OnAvatarAddEvent AvAdd
Label MainLoop
  Goto MainLoop

Event AvAdd
  GetAvatarPerson &p
  IfPerson &p IsGreeted EndEvent
  GetName $n &p
  SayConcat $n ", pleased to meet you!"
  Greeted &p