Xelagot action script

Events: ProjectComplete

Refer to Events for general information on events.

This event is triggered when a Project is built or destroyed from within the action script, when the Project buffer is emptied. The bot will then check the list of sent objects (Unconfirmed) and wait up to 10 seconds for confirmation if necessary. If objects remain on the Unconfirmed list after timeout, the action script will get this event with an error code (-1). See Surveying, building... for general information on building and destroying, and Projects for the statements that trigger this event.

Installer: OnProjectCompleteEvent <eventlabel>
Event type: 9000

Specific statements (must be inside the event handler):

GetEventType %a stores the event type code in variable %a
GetEventResult %a stores the event result code in variable %a. 0 means success, -1 means failure: although the Project has been sent, some objects may not have been confirmed or received by the world server (usually during a short disconnection). Individual failures, if confirmed failures, do not count. See the Lists in Surveying, building...