Xelagot action script

Motion: Blimp

This is the full set of statements concerning motion in an ellipse defined by 2 radii and a centre. You must set the parameters of the motion first, and then issue a BlimpMove statement.
BlimpCentre @c
BlimpCenter @c
the centre of an ellipse. If the bot is following or joining someone, only the altitude and rotation in @c will count, it will be used by the bot to calculate the altitude above the feet of the followed one, who will then act as centre of motion. If you wish the bot to stop following, issue the Stop statement before issuing the RandomMove statement. (at present, the blimp+follow is not properly implemented, so issue the Stop statement always)
BlimpRadius1 %r radius of ellipse (m).
BlimpRadius2 %r radius od ellipse (m).
BlimpStep %s horizontal distance (m) the bot moves in one second.
sets the direction of movement
BlimpGuideDist %d (new in 3.3) sets the distance of the guiding point (in metres), which is what is actually moved and guides the bot by attracting it. The minimum distance is 2.00, 5.00 usually is a good setting. Note: this parameter, introduced in version 3.304 when terrain sensing was introduced, does not belong to the terrain sensing functions only, it is used by normal blimping too.
BlimpMove Starts the elliptical movement. I usually precede this statement with the Stop statement to stop any follow/join movement. To stop the elliptical movement, issue the Stop statement.

As from version 3.304, xelagots can sense terrain if terrain is available. Terrain sensing is OFF by default for blimp motion. The following statements apply:

BlimpTerSensing ON
BlimpTerSensing OFF
Enables or disables terrain sensing when executing blimp motion. Default: OFF
BlimpTerMinAlt %a Sets the minimum altitude the bot must follow above the terrain (in metres), i.e. it may not go lower than this value relative to the terrain. The default is 5 (metres).
BlimpTerMaxAlt %a Sets the maximum altitude the bot must follow above the terrain (in metres). The default is 0. If the maximum altitude is lower than the minimum altitude, it is disregarded and the bot is not limited by a maximum altitude above the terrain (no maximum limit).
BlimpTerCells %c sets the number of terrain cells to each side of the bot that the terrain sensor has to take into account. For a 20m long blimp at 2m per second, 3 cells is fine. The faster or larger the blimp, the more cells are needed. 3 cells is default.



Origin=0.000n 0.000w 0.00a 0.0°

var %radius1, %radius2, %step, @centre
%radius1 = 20
%radius2 = 35
%step = 2
@centre = 1n 1w 5a 0

BlimpRadius1 %radius1
BlimpRadius2 %radius2
BlimpStep    %step
BlimpCentre  @centre