Xelagot verbal commands


These commands can be issued aloud or whispered from the AW browser to control the bot, if it is within hearing distance.

In X1, you can also type them in the yellow input box of the chat-screen, after pressing the command button.

If your bot is connected to a Xelagot server, and you have USER access to your bot on the server, you can issue these commands using the Xelagot User Client. See The Xelagot Server package pages.

In these examples, I call the bot Pal, and the owner Owner. Substitude your bot's name and your name.

How to issue these commands

There are two ways of getting the bot's attention in the world using the AW Browser, which I call indirect and direct mode. Through the user interface or the server, you are always using direct mode. These two modes are:
  1. Indirect mode: say the bot's name at the begining of each command
    Pal move forward 10.6
    moves the bot 10.6 metres forward. This is the safest way if you are talking to others: the bot will not interfere. But it can be tiresome if you wish to issue a series of commands.

  2. To lock the bot's attention on you and start direct command mode, call the bot first:
    it will say: Yes, Owner...
    from this moment onwards, you can give orders directly without naming the bot (except for a few commands), e.g. move back 3
    will work fine. You might get unwanted results if more than one bot is listening to you in this mode, or if you talk to others.

    To unlock the bot's attention and cancel this mode, just say:
    ok Pal
    the bot will answer: ok, Owner
    and will stop listening to commands that don't contain its name.
    You can also say:
    ok Xelagots
    this will cancel direct command mode for all xelagots.