Xelagot verbal commands

Build, Seed, Query

Each Xelagot has a personal, or should I say bottonal, build-buffer for one object. There are two ways of preparing an object for the bot to build:
  1. verbally
  2. using the Object Manager
Verbally, an object is prepared using the following commands: To prepare an object using the Object Manager: The actual build and seed commands are: The bot remembers the object, so, if one wishes to repeat a build, one only needs to set new coordinates if one uses the build command, or to move the bot if one seeds.

The seed command has a quick variant, which defines the model and builds it:

To delete the last object built, say: The bot remembers all the objects he built in a given session, so one can continue deleting the objects from last to first. Alternatively, one can delete all objects at once by saying: The memory can also be wiped clean, so that the bot cannot delete the forgotten objects. This ends a session. Use: Please note: the list the bot uses to remember the objects is also used in the Survey Manager when building and destroying projects. There it's called the success list. Make sure not to mix the two activities. To count objects:
Querying The commands to start and stop a property query are: