Xelagot verbal commands


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Loading a trivia question file or ini file

Trivia question files and ini files can be loaded using the following verbal command:

/trivia load filename

where filename is the trivia filename relative to the Script folder. If the filename ends in .txt then it is treated as a question file, if it ends in .ini it is treated as a trivia ini file. Example: supposing you have your trivia question file trivia03.txt in a folder called Trivia inside the Script folder, saying the following chatline will load it and randomly sort it:
/trivia load Trivia\trivia03.txt


Starting, pausing and stopping a trivia game

To start or resume a paused game, say
/trivia start

To pause a game, say:
/trivia pause

To stop (cancel) an ongoing game, say:
/trivia stop


Inquiring the status of trivia

To know the settings and status of trivia, say:
/trivia status