Xelagot server/client

Notes: present limitations and to-do list

Script statements are subject to change while the Server/Client is in beta testing

Bot Client and action script

Version 2.99995: Bot Clients (through scripts) now can communicate freely with each other if they are connected to the same xelagot server.

Version 2.99994, the Bot Client can talk to its remote Host, and the messages can be transmitted to the bots in the remote program, but not to the clients of that Host. This will have to change: the Bot Clients need to inter-communicate freely. Ideally, all bots should log into the same remote serve, and communicate using a bot protocol through that server using an expanded set of the the CLxxx statements.

Server and Bot Clients:

Version 2.99995: Server now sends messages from one Bot Client to other Bot Clients, if they are connected to it using the "bot" protocol.

Server and action script

Version 2.99995: this topic is (almost) not relevant for inter-xelagot communication, which now goes through Bot Clients (with script) logged into one Server (set up through user interface).

Version 2.99994: Partners can be of four sorts: Central Clients logging into the Server, Bot Clients doing the same, the user and the bots in the program. We will need a way for Bots and BotClients to communicate freely with other Bots and BotClients through one Server. This could be achieved with the Protocol field in the Server list, which could specify that a certain Login name uses only a bot protocol: the Server would serve as communication centre for its clients, and the bots in the server's program would have to log into a server (could be in the same program) and communicate through their Bot Client interface instead of through their Server. I still have to experiment with this to reach a better solution.