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Bad words

If you wish the bot to sound an alert when certain words are being used, you can make a custom text file and load it. You must install a sound for this to work (a wav file).

The custom text file must have on the first line:
WordList=some short title

followed by by a list of words or parts of words - each on its own line - that will sound the alert sound. For instance:
will sound the alert, if properly installed, when any of these letter-combinations are said by someone. For example: "tres", "Mitre" will sound the alert, but "camión", on the other hand, won't sound the alert.

To load the file, go to the menu Bot item Word list, and select Load. Then search for the file and load it.

Make sure you have selected a wav file (same menu item, select Sound), and that no other wav file is running (de-select wavs in the aw browser).

If you wish to disable the file, chose Disable.