Xelagot topics


Each xelagot can have its own private list of contacts per universe. Due to Active Worlds current regulations, no telegrams may be sent or other typical contact-actions may be perfomed by bots. The xelagot contacts are merely for customising greetings.

You can access the Contacts by right-clicking on the Chat screen and selecting Contacts. This will hide the Chat screen and show the Contacts screen. To return to the Chat screen, right-click on the Contacts screen and select Chat.

On the contacts screen, you will see one icon for each bot. Bots that are in a universe will show darker than when they are not logged in. If you 'open' the bot icon to show the contacts (if it has contacts), the bot's eyes will open :)

You can add folders in many levels to organise these contacts. Select the bot you want (it must be logged into a universe), right click to add a New Folder, a New Contact or a New Greeting. Greetings can only be added to existing Contacts, Contacts can be inside or outside folders, and can be moved from folder to folder by selecting them and dragging them. Folders can also be dragged.

To add a Contact, select a folder icon or a bot icon, right click on it and select New Contact to create a new contact icon. On the top of the screen, icons for citizen (blue), tourist (green), xelagot (purple) and bot (brown) will appear: you must click on one of them to determine the kind of contact. Follow the instructions in the new contact icon to finish the procedure.

To add a greeting for the contact, select the contact, right-click on it and chose New Greeting. One icon will appers, hands shaking. Double-click on it to show four icons: you may click on any of them to edit a greeting (hit enter to accept the greeting). The first icon is for greeting aloud, the second one is for whispering, the third icon is for sending you a message to the chat screen (this can be logged to file), the fourth icon shoud not be used (it is for testing purposes). Save your greetings by right-clicking and chosing Save (this is done automatically too when your bot logs out of the universe).

Each contact can have various sets of greetings, that means, you can keep on adding New Greetings... they will be used randomly by the bot.

Please note the following: greetings to citizens only work when the citizen gets identified, for instance, if he/she talks to the bot using the bot's name, or if the citizen has been automatically identified. Tourists and bots are recognised by name, xelagots by their xelagot greeting.