Xelagot topics

Downloading files

Files can be downloaded from internet using verbal commands, action script statements and write to bot commands.

Some people will need to use a proxy server to access internet. The bot automatically searches the registry for internet settings. If it finds a proxy server specification, it will use it, otherwise it will attempt a direct connection. As from version 2.9999920 you can specify a proxy server in the xelagot program: you will find it in menu Bot | Proxy.

To use a proxy server other than the one in your Windows internet settings, open the Proxy screen (menu Bot | Proxy), select the "use proxy server(s)" checkbox: this enables the proxy settings and allows you to edit them. Checkmark the Default checkbox, and type in your proxy server name, followed optionally by a colon and a port number. For example, my proxy server is:
that is, the name is, and the port number is 8080.
Other entries are for advanced users, and should not be needed: leave them unchecked unless you need them.