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New version, valid as from X1 version 2.9999957. For older versions, see this link.

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If a bot, any bot, is logged in with a citizen number that has Eject rights, the bot will have those rights too. It is the citizen number itself that must have eject rights, not the citizen: the citizen him/herself could be using someone else's privileges, the bot can't share those privileges. This is also valid for any rights, including Caretaker capabilities. A Caretaker bot automatically has Eject rights, even if they are not explicitely set.

A xelagot implements eject rights in five ways:

  1. verbally, using the eject command, see Xelagot verbal commands: Click, Eject...
  2. manually, using the eject option on the presence list
  3. manually, using the search option on the presence list
  4. automatically, using a list of citizen numbers and names loaded from a text file
  5. from an action script. The action script statement to eject a person &p is Eject &p %sec. See the action script pages, especialy this one, and the paintball bot script for an example.
  6. caretaker bots can view and edit the world's ejection database.
Ejection is not garanteed. The world server implements it, not the bot.

On the main screen that has the chat window, select the Presence list if it isn't visible.

To use the eject option, highlight the image of the avatar to be ejected, right click on it to bring up a pop-up menu, highlight the name of the person, then select eject. Fill in the amount of minutes required, and press accept. If the ejection target has escaped from view of the bot, it can still be ejected if it is in the world: just activate the option in the pop-up menu show absent to produce the icons of people who have recently left the bot's perception field, and proceed as above.

To use the search function, right click on the Presence list and select search. This brings up a selector. Chose what you want to search, fill in the data (for names, a few letters is enough), and press search. On the result list, select the name of the person. At the bottom right of the selector you can press eject. Fill in the minutes required and press accept.

X1 version 2.9999957 introduces a new system for automatically ejecting unwanted avatars, which allows for any new charachters in names which are being introduced with version 3.1 of the universe servers. Log the bot into the world, and then select menu World | World attributes, tab Bot Eject List. There you view the eject list valid for this world and this bot only. If the eject list has never been made, it appears empty.

On the top right corner, you see two check boxes:

The eject list can be edited. Right-click on the list and select the action you wish to take: add record, edit record or delete record. You may select to use citizen numbers, or names. You may also chose to eject for a few minutes every time the person appears, or until a given date and time (in VRT), or forever (which means: every time the person appears, it will be ejected for one week). Names must include the double-quotes for tourists, and the brackets for bots. If you wish to ban all tourists, use a name with an empty set of double-quotes: "". Selecting citizen number 0 does nothing at all, and citizen number 1 can never be ejected (it is the universe owner) unless he/she is using other privs.

As a rule, make sure only one bot is applying this list in a given area of your world, typically a distance between bots of sligthly less than 400m (40 AW coordinates) should be kept. Otherwise, both bots will be ejecting the same person. You may, of course, allow the areas to overlap for maximum efficiency. A distance of 350m (35 AW coordinates) seems to work fine: to cover a world up to 50N, 9 bots are needed (one at GZ, and the others with one or both coordinates at 35 (0n 0w, 35n 0w, 35n 35w, 0n 35w, 35s 35w, 35s 0w, 35s 35e, 0n 35e and 35n 35e).

Note that if the world has the World Option "Allow local teleports" unchecked, all avatars enter the world at 0n 0w so, in this case, only one bot is needed at or near GZ.

If the bot succeeds in ejecting the target, this will be for no more than a full week at a time.

If the bot is saving a log to file, ejections will also be logged, as well as whispered to the owner if he/she is present.

Refer to the page Xelagot Topics: Caretaker for instructions on how to view and edit the World's ejection database.