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Sending Email

Through the menu Uni item Bot Mail you access a mini-Mailer to send short emails.

Before you start sending, you must turn to the Mailer tab and fill in the required data for the mailer:

You can also fill in the following fields for the bot to remember:

Once all this is done, you can start sending plain e-mails when you are connected to internet. Just turn to the first tab, Email, fill in the data and send! The fields for e-mail addresses allow multiple entries, separated by a comma. In the Body tab you can write the text of your e-mail, in the Attachments tab you can add and remove attachments by right clicking on the list. If something failes, or the e-mail takes too long to send, you may try hitting the abort button to stop the sending. Important: do not change the Mailer settings (tab Mailer) while the mailer is sending e-mails.

See Email and Events: EmailSend, EmailSuccess, EmailFailed if you wish to send e-mails from action scripts.