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Survey Manager

You can call the Survey Manager using the menu Uni item Survey Manager.

survey manager

It has a threefold layout (map, project, tools), crowned by the menu and status-bar. When you first open it, by the way, you will have to resize it: the Survey Manager may not fit on some computer-screens: there is a slide-bar at the bottom of the screen to move to its different parts.

This page attemps to give a general overview. More details are to be found on specific pages on Survey and Project.


This area is the visual jewel of the Survey Manager. Results of all server queries i.e. the Survey, and of the Projects you make or load from file are shown on the map graphically. You can drag the map around. Its size is either 3x3 sectors + 1 extra row and column of cells (250m x 250m), or 5x5 sectors(400m x 400m). Note: the 5x5 map was introduced in X1 version 3.434.

3x3 map area
5x5 map area

The top-left and bottom-right cell positions are shown at the top-left and bottom-right of the map (in black letters). On the top-right, in green, is shown the position of the cell the mouse cursor is on, and on the bottom-left, also in green, the corresponding sector. If this is a central sector of a Survey, it will be marked 'central sector'. Move your mouse cursor on the map to see how this works. (Note: the sector is only shown in X1 version 3.434 or higher).

You can right-click on a cell of the map to activate a context menu with many options, and double-click a cell on the map to activate the Cell Viewer.

The map's context menu has the following items:

Notice two things:
1) the context menu item 'Query here' is one way to start a Survey. You can also use the main menu Survey | Start Query.
2) use of the above items 'Add cell...'., 'Add sector...', 'Add zone...' is the primary way to create a Project from a Survey.

Below the map there is a slider to adjust the appearence of a dot in the cells, depending on the number of objects in the cell. Under the slider, you will see some information about the cell your mouse cursor is on.

To the right of the map, in a vertical column, there are a few buttons to modify the way surveys are made and what the map shows. Most of these options can also be set with the menus Map and Survey.

Map Tracks Bot - the map will follow the bot's position if the button is down (off by default).

Auto-Survey - auto-query the zone shown by map and the sectors surrounding the zone to fill the map area if the button is down (off by default).

Use Cache - use disk cache to speed up querying if button is down (on by default).

up, down: Project on top, Survey on top - sets whether the project covers the survery on the map or the other way round (project covers survey by default).

Show Survey, Hide Survey - hides the survey on the map when the button is down (shows by default).

Show Project, Hide Project - hides the project on the map when the button is down (shows by default).

The next buttons are new in X1 version 3.434

and View 3x3/5x5 - toggles 3x3 and 5x5 map viewing mode.

Centre on Survey - centres the map on the survey's central sector.

Centre on Project - centres the map in the middle of the Project.

Move the Map or the Camera - clicking on any of the arrows moves the map (or the camera) to the North, South, West or East, depending on the centre button 'up' or 'down' state: if 'M' (map) is shown, it moves the map, if 'C' (camera) is shown it moves the camera (default) i.e. it moves the map in the opposite direction. The state of this button is remembered between sessions. Key combinations while clicking on the arrows: no key = moves 5 sectors, CTRL key = moves 3 sectors, SHIFT key = moves 1 sector, CTRL+SHIFT keys = moves 1 cell. The 'C' (camera, button down) state of the centre button emulates the use of buttons and keys elsewhere: the viewing position changes. See, for example, your browser use of the keys, and also the Cell Viewer menus to move the view of the cell. The 'M' state is equivalent to dragging the map with the mouse cursor. Each user should decide what seems more natural. Try testing this by pressing the ARROW buttons while you press SHIFT or SHIFT + CTRL, and decide which method you prefer: the 'C' camera or the 'M' map dragging method.


This area has a few tabbed pages, all relevant to the projects you make. Citnums, Models and Textures can be saved to file by right clicking on the list.


Here too, a few tabbed pages contain valuable tools for managing your projects, for building and destroying.


The images correspond to buttons.







The status bar shows whether the bot is querying (i.e. making a Survey of) a zone or not, and in which of the two modes it is working: auto-querying what the map shows, or querying one defined zone. It also shows the corner coordinates of the zone being queried. As from X1 version 3.434, it also shows the central sector of the queried Survey.