Getting started

After landing

fiction: you are called XelaG, your first bot is called Pal

My browser. Present at Pal's landing spot: me and my bot Delph.

Owner: your program showed this

Hmm, not quite, Pal could not have said Xelagot 46ADB [Pal]. 46ADB is my citizen number 289499 in hexadecimal, your bot would have used the citizen number you logged it in with. Both Pal and Delph sent the Xelagot greeting, and both answered it: 2 xelagots meeting :)

I'll try and explain briefly what you see on your chat-screen.

The title-bar on the top shows the name of the bot and its position, world and universe.

You may have noticed a change in the text above the buttons: the bot is now called Pal.

The buttons marked 1, 2, 3 and 4 are input selectors. The input field (number 5 in the picture) can have one of four functions, depending on which button is pressed. The background colour of the input field will change, and so will the caption above it.

  1. button chat: the input field has a white background, and is used to input text for the bot to say aloud. Type some words in this box and press ENTER for the bot to speak.
  2. button whisper: the input field will have a light blue background, is similar to the previous one in its use. Type something and press ENTER: the bot will whisper to the avatars on the whisper list to the left of the buttons, which also has a light blue background (number 6), if they are present. I'll come back to this in a minute.
  3. button console message: the input field has a white background. It can only be used by caretaker bots in 3.3 or higher worlds, to send messages to avatars on the whisper list. The text can be in different colours, bold and italic. You can format this text pressing the 'O' button (number 8 on this image).
  4. button command: the input field will turn yellow and is used for talking to and commanding the bot. What you say using this input will not be heard by anyone but the bot. You don't have to be in the same place as the bot, you can even address the bot outside a universe or a world in this manner!

When you send chat, whisper, console message or a command, the text you send gets saved in memory. You can retrieve it by pressing thr 'R' button (number 7)

Just above the input field, the message will tell you which function is activated: on this image, it is chat: Pal says:

Below the input field, you see the word 'Mars'. Here the world Title is shown, it is sometimes the same as the world name, but it is often different.

The presence list shows that me and my bot Delph are there:

I am shown first because I was detected first by Pal. Last arrivals are shown last. Right-click on the presence list to change the order: you may select sort by arrival, sort by arrival (last first) or sort by name. Many other options can be selected there, for example, right-click on the image of an avatar and see for yourself :) 

Btw, why is my name shown in purple, the xelagot colour, instead of black? Because the bot has recognised my citizen number as belonging to his boss!

The avatar colour codes are as follows: blue citizen, green tourist or a non-identified citizen, purple xelagot, baby-poop any other bot. If you double-click on one of the images, it is added to the whisper list (double-click there to remove it).

Above the presence list, the 3 buttons represent: little blue face the presence list, world the worlds list, and lightning the teleport list. Click on the worlds list button to see the list of worlds (click a second time to refresh it), click back on the presence list to see the avatars present. The teleport list allows your bots to remember locations (Universe, World and coordinates), to organise these in folders, and to teleport. Right-click on the teleport screen to select options.

The six LED indicators between the buttons and the clock show some properties or state of affairs. The leftmost indicates the Global Mode state (3.3 worlds). It is yellow when the bot requests Global Mode; it turns green in a world if Global Mode was accepted, red if it was refused, and stays yellow if the world does not recognise Global Mode. Hover with the mouse on these LEDs to know their function: state of the bot-server, of the bot-client, and some internal indicators of how long processes take.

The chat-window shows the following text, which I split up into 4 sections:

program messages
in red, and sometimes in blue or green:

universe and world welcome message and restricted radius for bots

arrivals and departures

chat and whisper

Noticed that Pal's whisper and chatlines are in purple, and that its name lacks square brackets (which are the mark of a bot)? That's because you are looking at Pal's own chat-screen. If you had another xelagot logged in the same place (you may have three in one program, if you have not exceeded the 3-bot-per-citizen universe limit), you would see that their chat-lines would not be in purple on Pal's screen. This applies to all other avatars present: whispers are in blue, chat is in black.