Xelagot action script

Recording positions

Positions can be recorded using verbal commands. This facility only works properly for new scripts, or for scripts which only contain the To statement. If you wish to record positions for an existing script, start a new script, record, then save it. You can then copy+paste the positions into the other script.

Make a new script by pressing the New button on the Action Script label in menu Uni | Dialog, scripts. Position your bot, then use the following verbal commands:

These commands can be quite confusing if the bot has moved away from its position at the current line. The following set of verbal commands will position the bot properly: The /addpos and /inspos commands will produce this sort of statement in the script:
To 2.034n 0.148w 0.01a 0.0°

To allow a better identification of these statements in the script, I have added two commands which will allow you to add, modify or delete a 'label' or tag at the end of the To statement:

An example of such a statement, using the verbal command /addlab facing the door would be:
To 2.034n 0.148w 0.01a 0.0° :facing the door

There are four verbal commands for running and stopping the execution of a script: