After landing

Getting started


Avatar, gestures and greeting behaviour can be modified. Select the menu World item Preferences to bring up the appropriate selector.


These options are valid for the bot in a certain world. They are coupled to the bot's name and the citizen number of the owner, and are independent of the bot's position in the program.


You can change the bot's avatar using the appropriate input box: type in a number or use the arrows, then click do.

Gesture sequence

Gesture sequences can be done once (they end in a comma followed by zero), or loop indefinitely. A few examples should help you understand how this works. Please note that the timing only indicates how long the bot will wait before applying the following gesture. As with Avatar, click on do to activate.

Say or Whisper Hi and Bye

A greeting bot? Yes, that can be quite annoying in the wrong place! Bots have a perception radius: when an avatar enters the bot's perception area or departs, the bot gets a message from the world server. The presence lists in the program are based on this phenomenon, and so is the ability to greet.

The check-boxes in Say or Whisper Hi and Bye allow you to customize the greeting behaviour of each bot. Say Hi is for greeting aloud, Whisper Hi for whispering, Say Bye for announcing a departure, Exclude bots if bots should not be greeted. My preference: leave them all unchecked. See Xelagot topics: Language and chat for how to customise these greetings.

You can customize the bot's greetings per acquaintance, using another option: the Contacts, accessible by right-clicking on the chat window and selecting Contacts. You can also customise a world Announce.

Announce text

This option has been included to offer world owners a greeter bot with customisable text. Type in a standard phrase in the input box, use {p} as a placeholder for the avatar being greeted, for example: Welcome to my world {world}, {p}. See the list of the other available placeholders in Xelagot topics: Language and chat). Activate it by checking the Enable checkbox, select one of the modes: Loud or Whisper. Then click apply to accept the changes. You can limit the announcement to a specific area by checkmarking the corresponding box and typing in the coordinates of the North-West and South-East corners of the area.

Announce console message

For caretaker bots only, in 3.3 worlds. Is similar to Announce Text, but can be coloured, bold and italic, and reaches all visitors in the world.

Identify citizens

By default, the bot does not automatically query the universe server for citizen numbers, not the world server for IP numbers (if the bot has eject rights only). To enable this function, check the appropriate checkbox. Please note: it can overload the universe server if too many bots have this function enabled in crowded places. The penalty: your bot gets disconnected. Use it only for eject bots in small worlds, or in areas with few avatars. 3.1 worlds (world server build 28 or higher) send the citizen number automatically to the bot. IP numbers are not sent automatically, so this checkbox is still needed in newer worlds for eject bots if they are to log IP numbers.

Allow world destructor scripts

Off by default. Some scripts can contain a statement to wipe the world clean of objects. For safety reasons, you must explicitely allow this to work. You can do so by setting a checkmark here.


These options are valid for the bot in all worlds of a universe. They depend on the bots position in the program, each position (bot 1, 2 or 3) will keep state.

Arrival Sound Alert option. Make sure a wav file is selected (test it by (re-)loading it) and that the check-box marked on is checked. Plays the wav for new arrivals, and when avatars return after being away for one minute or more. You can install different wavs for different bots.. To de-activate it, just un-check the box. It will not work if a wav file is playing in your aw browser, you may have to uncheck the wav playing option there.

Arrival Whisper: the bot will whisper arrivals and departures to the boss(es)

Eject Whisper: the bot will whisper to the boss when it ejects someone.

Avatar clicks owners: the bot will whisper to the boss the name of the avatar the boss clicks on... handy for knowing the name of people who have not yet spoken.

Click done or press Esc to close the selector.


After landing