Xelagot verbal commands

Follow, Join, GoTo

Use these commands to make the bot follow someone. Follow and Join work somewhat differently: when following, the bot tries to stay at a specific distance of the target; joining adds a relative positioning to the target (to the left, to the right). GoTo makes the bot go to a specified target and then stop there.

Sometimes when you issue a command, the bot may not want to obey. It gets confused if you say, for example: follow Mermaid. In those cases, use the following commands:

Modifiers: use these commands to regulate the bot's random movements. NB: up to X1 2.9999955, Av99bot 1.70, the rotation (yaw) of the bot relative to the yaw of the target when joining can not be changed using verbal commands: X1 can use the Follow and Join selector (World item Follow and Join) for this. The specific commands for join are in green.

As from version 3.430, the following terrain sensing commands can be used for follow, join and goto:

Stop commands:


Any command that sets a different motion pattern cancels a previous pattern, except that Random and Blimp motions don't cancel a Follow/Join motion, but combine with it (at present, Blimp doesn't comply fully)

If you are running the bot and the AW Browser on the same computer, the bot will attempt to read the browser's title-bar if it loses track of you while following you. See Tracking the browser for more details.