Xelagot topics

Tracking the browser

If you are running the bot and the AW Browser on the same computer, the bot will attempt to read the browser's title-bar if it looses track of you while following you. This also works if you teleport away from the bot to a world the bot has visited before: it will try to follow you there. The bot will only use the tracking feature on its login owner. It assumes that the person using the AW browser is the login owner..

Newer versions of Xelagot require that the AW browser(s) you use be registered by the program. To register a browser for a particular universe, go to the tab Browsers in the Login Selector (the selector which appears when you log in a bot). You will need to know the name of the folder were your browser has been installed. To find out where that is, right-click on the browser's icon on your Windows desktop, click on Properties, and select the Shortcut tab: there you will find the folder where Aworld.exe resides on your disk. Press on the Search button and search your disk for the file Aworld.ini in that folder, click on it to select it and press Open. This will install the browser's data in the Xelagot program. You should register in this way all your AW browsers, one for each universe.

The data collected by Xelagot include the name of the universe as it appears in the language files for the browser. For the Active Worlds universe it is "Active Worlds", for City4all is is "City 4 ALL Universe" and so on. This name appears on your browser in the title-bar at the top of the browser window, where you also see the world and coordinates of the place you are at a particular moment. This title-bar will be read by the bot if you are using your browser, and the data extracted from there will be used to track you when the bot is following you. Make sure the browser shows the correct universe name on its title-bar. If it does not do so, go to Options | Settings in your AW browser, and select a message set (tab Advanced) that shows the correct universe name. When you select a new message set, you must move a few meters in your browser until the coordinates change so as to refresh the title-bar.
If you use one browser for different universes (by changing the Aworld.ini file), you must add the correct message sets for the universes to your browser's Messages folder, and each ini file must point to the right message set in the section [general], keyword messages=. For Default.awm (used by ActiveWorlds) the line reads messages=Default, the City4All ini file reads messages=City4all if you use the City4all.awm message file. A word of caution: you may NOT modify the Default.awm file. You may customise a message file in the following way, if you don't find the appropriate file for a universe: make a copy of the message file you wish to alter (for engish messages, use Default.awm as a model). In your copy, which you will have renamed to something appropriate, look for the line starting with the number 163, and change the name of the universe there. For instance, to make a message file for OuterWorlds, copy the default.awm and rename the copy OW.awm. Find the line which says 163 ActiveWorlds and change it to 163 OuterWorlds.
Only official versions of the browser are supported (window classname Alphaworld).

After registering your browser(s), you must match the universe name as used by the xelagot (the name in the Universe Editor and combo) with the name used by your browser: they might differ slightly. To do this, click on the "Unassigned title" item in the selector of the Browser tab (if it is closed), then on the universe name and drag it to the matching item. Repeat this for all names in the "Unassigned title". If there is no matching name, the chances are your Xelagot program is missing those universes in the Profile definitions.