Xelagot verbal commands

Obey, Free, Listen

See also Xelagot topics: Ownership

A Xelagot can have two simultaneous bosses:

  1. the First Boss, the citizen who logs it in
  2. the Second Boss, another citizen, tourist or bot

The ability to have a second boss can be blocked and unblocked though the chat-screen menu Bot | Ownership Block . If unblocked, someone may become the bot's second boss using the following commands:

Tip: The first boss can also block the bot's ability of having a second boss by becoming second boss him/herself, i.e. by issuing the 'obey me' command.

The bot can be freed from this second boss with this command:

To check who are the current bosses, right click on the presence list and select dump list: this will dump a list of avatars present and the bosses' names. You can also ask the bot:

On some occasions, one may wish to stop the bot from listening to others, or to restore this ability. Use these commands: