Xelagot topics


For practical applications, see Xelagot verbal commands, and in particular Obey, Free, Listen

Xelagots have two levels of user ownership:

The First Boss is the one who's citizen number and privilege password has been used to log in the bot.

As from version 2.21, the First Boss can have multiple citizen numbers. This change was prompted by my having 2 extra free citizenships when I acquired a world. This means I can now have 9 bots running. To keep these bots under control, I introduced the following enhancement: the citizen number you input to log in the bot can be followed by more citizen numbers, separated by commas. For example, I wish to log in the bot with citizen number '123456' and privilege password 'xxxx', and I want citizens '13579' and '987654' to share my privileges. I would then input in the usual place (see Getting started: Login for details)
citizen number: 123456,13579,987654
privilege password: xxxx

The Fist Boss cannot relinquish this capability, and has more privileges than the second boss, i.e. not all commands work for the second boss.

The Second Boss can be assigned by the First Boss, or can assign him/herself if this option has not been blocked by the First Boss and if the Second Boss position is free.

There is also a level of ownership related to the copyright holder (me). I retain all rights of ownership of the software I produce, and the right to deny its usage or modify the behaviour of the bots at any time.