Xelagot building tools

The Lists

The Lists tab shows all the internal lists used by the bot to manage surveys, projects and building activities. These lists are also used when building with verbal commands and action script statements. They are buffers which can contain collections of objects. The objects are moved from one list to the other in the process of building and destroying.

Two buffers are quite special, they do not take part in the building process. They are called Buffer 1 and 2 and are at the bottom of the tab. Buffer 1 is also used by the action script (it is called there the Res buffer). They can be used to store objects, for instance, the objects in the project. Objects can also be loaded from file into those buffers. Right-click on the buffer title to bring up the options.

The two next rows upwards on the tab contain data about the state of the survey. They won't normally be consulted by a user:

The next list going up the rows shows the total number of object in the project. Before consolidating a project, it will contain all objects, even those rejected by filters, and it does not apply transforms. After consolidation, it contains only the objects which remain after filtering and transforming.

Building and destroying

When building or destroying, objects are removed from Project in memory list and transfered to the list

From there, when the add or delete command is sent by the bot to the world server, they acquire their unique object number from the aw.dll and get transferred to the lists Finally, if and when the world server confirms additions and deletions, they get transferred to one of these lists:

Three things might happen when an object is sent to the server to be build or destroyed:

  1. the server acknowledges success
  2. the server announces a failure
  3. the server does not respond
In case 1, a 'build' object gets transfered from the AddUnconfirmed list to the AddSuccess list. A 'delete' object gets transferred from the DeleteUnconfirmed list to the DeleteSuccess list.

In case 2, a 'build' object gets transfered to the AddFailed list, a 'delete' object gets moved to the DeleteFailed list. They receive an error code, which will be saved to file if you save these lists. You can find out what the error code means by asking the bot:
error error number
or by consulting the SDK error list.

In case 3, the object remains on its Unconfirmed list.

These lists only get emptied when the program closes, or when the user decides to empty them. You can save their contents to file and use those files like you would use a normal project, and you can empty these lists. You can also copy or move their contents to Buffer 1, Buffer 2 or to the Project. Right-click on the list title to bring up the options.