Xelagot topics


Profiles were introduced in version 3.0 (acually, version 2.9994). Until then, one could only have one set of permanent settings per bot: one list of universes, each with its corresponding citizen number and password. This one set has now become a profile, you can add more profiles (sets of the universe list) with different citizen numbers. These settings are saved to file, and are available each time you start the program.

Profiles are made in the Login selector, see Getting started: Login. When you first use a xelagot program, you will have a default set with only one universe: Active Worlds. You may add universes to this profile, and you may also add new profiles, which will include the same set of universes as other profiles and give you the possibility of changing the citizen number, password and home location for each universe in the profile.

Profiles not only allow more flexibility within one universe, they also ease the pain of trans-universe teleporting. For example, the verbal command Call uses this feature to find out which citizen number and password the bot must use to respond to such a command if called by a bot (in the same program) in another universe. The same applies to the verbal command Uniwarp and to the Teleport selector: the bot sticks to its chosen profile when warping accross universes.