Xelagot topics

Chatting, whispering and saying speeches through the bot

applies to X1 only

On the bot's main screen, there are 4 buttons: chat, whisper, console message and command. To their right, there is an input box for text, to the left is the blue Whisper list.

Chat. Press the chat button to turn the input box into a chat box (white background), type your text in this box, and press ENTER to send the chat text.

Whisper. Select the avatars you wish to whisper to, by double-clicking on their icon or name on the Presence list: this copies the icon to the Whisper list. Press the whisper button to turn the input box into a whisper box (pale blue background). Type your text in this box, and press ENTER to send the whisper text. To remove an icon from the Whisper list, double-click on it.

Console Message. Caretaker bots in a 3.3 world (or higher) can send console messages to other avatars. This is anonymous formatted text (colour, bold, italics). It is anonymous because the receiver can not identify the sender, it appears as though the 'world' is sending the message. This button enables the user to send console messages to the avatars in the whisper list. Click on the O button to format the text before sending it. Note: to send a console message to an individual avatar, select it on the Presence list and use the right-click pop-up menu to send a message. You can also in this way send a console message to all avatars.

Command. Press the command button to turn the input box into a command box (pale yellow background), type in your command to the bot and press ENTER. See the verbal command pages.

Speeches. The user can send multi-line text as chat, whisper, console message or command. Press the appropriate button to select the right mode, copy-paste your text into the input box and press ENTER. This will send the text one line at a time, the pace can be adjusted on the slider to the right of the box. To cancel ongoing text, go to menu 'Bot | Kill Text' and click there. Besides copy-pasting text, you can type in multi-line text by pressing SHIFT + ENTER or CTRL + ENTER to make a new line.

The R button. This button on the top-right corner of the input box pastes the last text sent by the bot back into the input box: the bot remembers per category what it sends and it can be recovered pressing this button.

The O button. Next to the R button, it brings up a dialog box to set some whisper and console message parameters for sending from the input-box below it. These settings vary per bot and are remembered between sessions.

The pop-up menu. Right-click on the input box to bring up a pop-up menu with a few options for sending whispers and console messages. This allows more ways of sending that just by pressing ENTER.