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The Presence list

The presence list is placed normally to the left of the chat screen, it covers two other lists (the Worlds and Teleports) and can be selected with this button: little blue face. If there are other avatars present, they will show on this list as little faces followed by their name. This list can be sorted by arrival time or by alphabet. If you right-click on the list you bring up a pop-up menu with a few options, depending on various circumstances. One of the options is to sort this list.

The colours of these faces indicate:

When you double-click on one of these icons, its avatar is added to the whisper list (blue list). This allows you to whisper to avatars as a group. To do so, click on the 'whisper' button, type in your message and hit 'enter'. To remove someone from the whisper list, double-click there on the item. The same whisper list is used for sending console messages (3.3 worlds, caretaker bot). See Topic Chatting for more information.

The full pop-up menu has the following items:

The sub-menu next to the avatar name has the following choices, some have sub menus shown here in square brackets:

Notice that Caretakers are also PK automatically.

When an avatar is selected, the menu will show most of its items. The name, avatar number and last gesture number appears on the status bar at the foot of the screen; this information is updated constantly.