XelaG Quality Bots

Welcome to my ActiveWorlds bot page. I started making virtual 3D humanoid bots in 1998, inspired by HamFon's Hambots in ActiveWorlds, and by Isaac Asimov. This page links you to the Xelagot bot page, and to a few others.

The 4.1 versions of the Xelagots are NOT YET available!
Please read the invitation to join the 4.1 xelagot beta team at the Active Worlds bot Forum.

The 3.6 versions of the Xelagots are still available on these pages.
They only work in 3.6 or lower universes, not in 4.1 or higher.

Xelagot 3.6 is dedicated to Roland Vilett and Nelson Crowle (HamFon)
visit What's New for more information

The Xelagot X1 version 3.614 (AW 3.6 SDK build 41). This is my first and best bot, winner of the June 1999 and October 2002, and incuded in the May 2004 Cy Award for Technical Enhancements (ActiveWorlds). Three bots in one application, with full user interface. Not recommended for bot hosting services. Good for beginners and advanced users alike. Freeware.

The Xelagot Server package version 1.3. What do I need a server for? To have xelagot bots communicate with each other and with their owners independently of whether they are logged into a world or not. This package includes a stand-alone Xelagot Server (in 2 editions, GUI and NT Service), and two client applications: an Administrator Client for remote-managing the server, and a User Client for people who's bots are hosted elsewhere (or have no user interface). Recommended for bot hosting services. Freeware.

The Av99bot (version 3.614) and the SrvcXlgBot (version 3.614) (AW 3.6 SDK build 41). Multi-instance xelagot applications which allow more than 3 bots. The Av99Bot has a minimal informative user interface, the SrvcXlgBot has no visible interface and runs in the background as an NT service (Windows NT4, 2000 and XP). Recommended for world owners and bot hosting services. Freeware for non-commercial use and for affordable bot hosting services. Not recommended for beginners :)

Help pages The Xelagot HELP PAGES were originally made for the X1 Xelagot, but now include help for the Av99Bot and SrvcXlgBot.

What's New in Xelagot WHAT'S NEW has information on the most recent changes to X1 Xelagot, Av99Bot and SrvcXlgBot.

Xelagot Scripts made by me and others (including the Chess script).

Various links to my other pages and to other people's pages.

Link to my page in the Netherlands, where I live, and to my quest for the language of the High Elves.

If you wish to contribute with a donation to help me cover the costs I make for hardware, software and DSL internet connection, all necessary evils to make Xelagot and other free applications, you can't do so via PayPal, I kicked it out :)

Alex Grigny de Castro
email: xelag@3dee.nl