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Cy Award, June 1999, October 2002, May 2004

The Xelagot is my first SDK bot for Active Worlds. Since it's first appearence in 1999, it's software has been heavily refined and modified, from a simple 2.0 bot to a full fledged multi-purpose bot. A lot of effort has been dedicated in these years to develop this software. Even so, it is freeware and will remain so. Version 3.614 (AW 3.6 SDK build 41) does not expire (well, it does on January 19th, 2038, when the unix time units overflow). Help files are available online. E-mail me (serious) bug reports through this link, and comments and suggestions through this link. Before downloading, please read the sections below.

Note: Please do not ask me questions about the bot through AW telegrams, they will not be answered. Send me an e-mail to You can activate your favourite mailer from the xelagot's menu Help | Online | Email to contact me. Before asking questions, read the notices on the download page (especially if the chat files are not working), What's New for changes and the Help files for general and specific information.

What's New in Xelagot Help pages Download x1


PK, GK and World owners: please report any serious incidents with a Xelagot, stating its Xelagot code, or the name of the bot and the citizen number of the owner. Please note:

Describe the incident briefly, stating universe, world and place, your name, citizen number and acting powers (PK, PS etc) and your complaint. You must give a verifiable e-mail address. Please report through this link, or to with subject "xelagot incident report".

Quick overview

Xelagot is a program containing 3 companion bots, offering:

Copyright, ownership

Xelagot is copyright (c) 1999-2003 of Alex Grigny de Castro (XelaG), me, and all copies of Xelagot remain my legal property.

The aw.dll SDK is property of ActiveWorlds Corp.

You may not rename, reverse-engineer or alter the code of x1.exe (Xelagot) nor modify the copyright notices in any of its files.

Any attempt to present a bot as being a Xelagot without my explicit consent will be treated as forgery.

You may not use Xelagot after the expiration date mentioned in the menu Help item About, if an expiration date is mentioned.

Disclaimer and limitations

I, XelaG, am not responsible or accountable for any damage or loss resulting from possessing or using Xelagot or any of my products.

I guarantee that no code has been included in original versions of Xelagot aimed at damaging your system or infringing your rights to privacy, and that my programs have no back-door.

I retain the right to deny usage of my programs to people or institutions. In particular, infringement of ActiveWorlds rules - as long as they remain within the bounds of fairness and honesty - may lead to such a denial.

System requirements and download

Download x1.


Programming environment
Alpha and Beta Testing

To my alpha and beta-testers ^^SD^^ 286922, Gwn/Turbulence 224612, 00RUSS 288696, T i m 297065, Rick56 296107, Abbot Pabisoko 279098, Who 230147 and a few others:

Brilliant Ideas, Good Tips
Honours: Link Kokiri 294496.

This program would not have seen the light of day without the cooperation of all these, and more, people. Thanks to all!

Fang Club Comments

Eep² <yawn> Yet more wasted effort that could've been more wisely, efficiently used towards an existing bot instead of redoing most of what was already done. Gee, you programmers must be sado masochists or something. Ever heard of the concept of cooperation? Try it.