After landing

Getting started


Start the program file x1.exe

The first glimpse you'll get of Xelagot is this: a small window at the top left corner of your screen. Drag the right bottom corner to resize it to a convenient size and move it to where you want it to be.

You should now see something like this:

This is the main screen. The menu bar has four headers: Bot, Uni, World, Help. Under it are four main areas.

Select menu Bot item NotBBot1. Don't panic, you'll change the names of the bots soon!

You are about to start logging in the first bot (are you online?). This is the Login Options selector:

It has two tabs: Login and Browsers. You will use the Login tab now, Browsers will be explained later.
Notice two areas: a dark grey one, the Bot Login Data, and a light grey one, the Universe Data Editor.
Type in a name for your bot where you see NotBBot1 (in these examples I'll use Pal).
The next few steps assume you are logging into the Active Worlds universe. If your first login is in another universe, you will need to add the universe to your profile before you use the Universe Data Editor. Read the NEW UNIVERSE instructions at the bottom of the page..
Next, leave the Default profile and Active Worlds universe selected in the Profile and Universe combo boxes, go to the Universe Data Editor and click on Edit.
Fill in the fields Default Citizen Number and Default Privilege Pw with your Citizen Number and Privilege Password* (I'll use my own numbers in this example), then click Accept. This stores the data and disables the Universe Data Editor.
Then type in a World and the coordinates in the Bot Login Data fields.

* your Privilege Password is not the usual password you use to enter AW, it is an optional second password you can give to someone when you want them to build in your name. You can enter a Privilege Password in the AW browser: go to Options | Citizen, and enter it there.

This should be the result.

I have marked in yellow the fields you used to type in your data. Notice the Bot Login Data fields Citizen Number and Privilege Password changed by themselves when you clicked Accept. These two fields come in handy when you want to use temporary Citizen Numbers and Password, they are not saved to file nor change the default settings. All other fields in the Universe Data Editor and Bot Login Data are saved.

You are now ready to start your first Xelagot. Click on Login. The Login Options selector will vanish. Watch the chat window to follow the login process. Good landing!

A note for later on, when you feel familiar with the login procedure:

The bot may also log into a Universe without entering a world. To do this, select Destination Universe, or press the SHIFT key when clicking the Login button.

To enter the world invisible, select Visibility Invisible.

For Caretaker bots to enter a 3.3 world in Global Mode, select Global Mode ON.

The use of the second tab on this selector, Browsers, is explained in Tracking the browser.


After landing