Xelagot action script


As from Xelagot 3.607, make sure all your scripts are in the User folder (not the old Script folder). See here for more.


How do I load these examples into my Xelagot?


If there is a Download option, download the file. Otherwise, copy the example (white background) and paste it into Notepad or another ASCII text processor. Make sure long lines are not broken when you paste them. Read the first part of the file, you may have to edit some of it to adjust coordinates, etc. Save it into your bot's Script folder as a text file (Something.txt).

X1 Xelagot: go to menu Uni, select Dialog, Scripts. There, on the last section of the tab, called Action Script, press Load. Search for your file and load it, then press Start to run it.

Av99Bot, SrvcXlgBot: if you wish your script to be loaded at startup, include the path and script name in the bot's ini file. For the script to automatically run, it needs to have the Run statement in the [Settings] section:

Origin=0.000n 0.000w 0.00a 0.0°

See the installation notes for the ini files for details.

All bots: you can use verbal commands to load and run a script. These commands can be issued from the AW browser and from a User Client. See the verbal command pages.

The scripts

Examples for Script Makers

These zipped examples include help files.


  1. SimpleChat.txt is the simplest of all possible chat scripts, good for beginners. It shows you the basics of how to install and use an event handler.
  2. SecondChat.txt expands the knowledge gained in SimpleChat with Subs, Text fields, string lists and more...
  3. iLabBooth2.txt - Based on a script written for the iLab Bot Fair 2000, it explores some techniques for handeling chat.