Xelagot verbal commands

Teleport, Warp , Meet, Wait, Call, Uniport, Uniwarp, Vanish, Materialise, Enter, Exit, Void

Worlds belonging to COF/AWLD do not tolerate the presence of bots in or near GZ. The penalty can be severe: ejection of the bot and blocking of the owner's IP for a certain time. I know this from personal experience!
Xelagot includes a file _World_Ban which will not allow the bot to enter the forbidden zones.
  • the file _World_Ban should be placed in the World\ActiveWorlds folder for the default Active Worlds settings (host IP blank, port 0)
  • this is a text file, editable with any word-processor. Each line contains:
    world name, distance in metres. The default distance is 300m.
  • a file with the same name can be installed in the World\universe directory of other universes, with appropriate entries for each world
  • to test whether the file is properly installed, do this: log in or teleport a bot to AW, far from GZ. After the world welcome message, the chat-screen for the bot should show a message in red stating the radius of the restricted zone.
  • The Customs Aide bot stationed at AW and other worlds will eject a bot within its own hearing distance: slightly more than 200 metres NWSE. If Customs Aide is not exactly at GZ central, it may be ejecting innocent bots and blocking the owner's IP. Therefore the default value in the file is 300m. Customs Aide is not your best friend :(

There are various ways of teleporting the bot:

(X1 Xelagot only)

(all bots)

Use these commands to move the bot a long distance, or to position the bot at an exact spot. The coordinates use a syntax similar to that of the AW browser's teleport command, except that the altitude is in metres instead of AW units (1 AW unit = 10 metres). All coordinates have a precision up to one centimetre, angles up to one thenth of a degree (decidegree). The world, if specified, may be said before or after the coordinates.

warp 35n 3e 5a 180 mars will send the bot to an altitude of 5 metres facing South at 35N 3E on Mars, and is equivalent to warp 35.000n 3.000e 5.00a 180.0 (cm and decidegree precision: 35000 cm to the north of GZ, 3000 cm to the east, 500 cm altitude, facing due South)
warp 35n 3e will send the bot to 35N 3E in the same world, keeping its present altitude and rotation
warp mars will send the bot to Mars using its present coordinates

If you wish to send the bot to GZ, use the GZ sub-variant of the command.

There are three different sets of commands: (i) Teleport or Warp, (ii) Meet and Wait, (iii) Uniport or Uniwarp. Each set has as sub-variant a GZ command.

Teleport (Warp)
This is like the AW command, positions the bot somewhere.

This is similar to the teleport/warp command, positions the bot somewhere, but adds a join command on arrival of the one who issued this command, i.e. when you issue this command, the bot will teleport and wait to join or follow you when you arrive at the spot. New in the 3.4 bot is that the warpgz command, if it causes the bot to warp within a world (i.e. not to another world), will take it to the entry point defined in the World attributes.

and the worldless variants

Stops any ongoing follow or join command. The bot prepares to join the speaker when he/she is detected through the AW browser (requires registering the AW browser) or by another bot in the same program at the specified spot. It works only if: the world is another world, not where the bot is at present, and it does not pay attention to coordinates.

Calls a bot (botname2) in the same program, teleports it to the spot where the caller is. Works accross universes too: if you have another bot in the same program stationed in another universe, it will attempt to log in the bot and bring it in. I works as a spawn command if the bot (botname2) is void, provided the bot parameters are set properly.

Uniport (UniWarp)
This is unlike any AW command, it sends the bot to a world in another universe. The universe must be defined in the profiles for this bot, and the citizen data must be valid. The bot allowance - normally 3 bots - must not be exceeded, or the bot will fail to log in and thus return to where it came from. The universe name can be shortend according to the following rules:
  1. first letters of word, e.g. aw for Active Worlds
  2. capital letters, e.g. aw for ActiveWorlds
  3. numbers must be included, e.g. c4a for City 4 All or City4All, c4 for City4all

Vanish, Materialise
These are also unlike any AW command. They should only be used if you can control the bot through a user interface or server connection. Vanish makes the bot disappear from the world (it ejects itself, stopping any property query and building activity), and re-enter in an invisible state. You can not talk to the bot through the AW browser after a vanish command. In that invisible state, the bot can query for property, and can build and delete, but can not detect avatars, hear nor talk. Materialise makes the bot visible, if it was not.

Enter, Exit, Void
The Enter command works in several ways, which all end in the same action: the bot enters the world (and universe) which it has as destination. It can be issued from a user interface (X1), through a server connection, and even from a world. In this last case, the bot leaves the world and re-enters. The Exit command makes the bot leave the world. The Void command logs off the bot: it leaves the world and universe.