Xelagot building tools


To destroy property with the Survey Manager you need a starting point: a Project. In the previous pages I covered the making of projects.

You need to have a Project which reflects the (virtual) reality correctly. It must be made from a valid survey or success list, must contain only objects you may destroy (normally, your own). You may have applied filters to the project, but NOT transforms: transforms invalidate the objects idetification number: to be destroyed, the identification numbers of objects in the project must correspond with those of the objects in the world server's database. Objects you may not destroy should not be present in the survey, but if they are, the world server will refuse to destroy them. Check, before you start destroying, the state of the lists.

Select the Destroy tab. Before desroying, adjust if necessary the rate the objects are sent to the server. Fast servers will easily cope with 25 objects per second, many servers will need a lower rate (10 per second or less).

Follow the instructions on screen.

It happens sometimes, especially when you build with the help of bots, that you build duplicate objects: two exactly the same objects in exactly the same place. This might be the case if your bot failed to build all the objects in a project due to, for instance, a problem with the connection, and you tried a partial re-build.

To remove double objects from a world, do this:

  1. Survey the area.
  2. Turn the survey into a project.
  3. In menu Project click Count Duplicates.
  4. If no duplicates are present, stop here. If any duplicates are present: click Keep Duplicates. This will remove all other objects from the project.
  5. Consolidate and save the project.
  6. Destroy the duplicates using the Destroy tab.
  7. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until all duplicates have been removed