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Download X1 Xelagot 3.614
Active Worlds 3.6 SDK build 41
dedicated to Roland Vilett and to Nelson Crowle (HamFon)

Copyright notice

Xelagot is copyright (c) 1999-2004 of Alex Grigny de Castro (XelaG), me, and all copies of Xelagot remain my legal property.

The aw.dll SDK is property of ActiveWorlds Corp.

You may not rename, reverse-engineer or alter the code of x1.exe (Xelagot) nor modify the copyright notices in any of its files.

Any attempt to present a bot as being a Xelagot without my explicit consent will be treated as forgery.

You may not use Xelagot after the expiration date mentioned in the menu Help item About, if an expiration date is mentioned.

Disclaimer and limitations

I, XelaG, am not responsible or accountable for any damage or loss resulting from possessing or using Xelagot or any of my products.

I guarantee that no code has been included in original versions of Xelagot aimed at damaging your system or infringing your rights to privacy, and that my programs have no back-door.

I retain the right to deny usage of my programs to people or institutions. In particular, infringement of ActiveWorlds rules - as long as they remain within the bounds of fairness and honesty - may lead to such a denial.

System requirements


Download file and unzip it to an empty folder of your choice (if you are updating from version 2.17 upwards, just unzip to the same folder your x1.exe file resides).


Make sure that you keep the zip-directory structure intact when you unzip the software. The language files dialog0.txt, spanish_AMD01.txt and any other Chat files provided with the software must unzip to the folder Chat, a subfolder of the folder where x1.exe resides.

  • If you use WinZip directly to extract the files, once WinZip is open select the extraction screen by pressing Extract; select a convenient folder or make one; the radio button 'All Files' must be selected, the boxes 'overwrite existing files' and 'use folder names' must be checked before you press the Extract button on this screen.
  • If you use the Explorer, select and right-click on it, then either press Open to call WinZip or Extract To to select a folder to extract the bot.

If you do not unzip the folders properly, the Chat files will not work!

When you first start x1.exe, it will create its own ini file and other necessary directories and files, or if you are overwriting an older version it will use the old data.

Quick start

Before starting the program, make sure that the current directory is set to the program directory. For instance, if you use a windows shortcut, the 'start in' field should have the name of the path of x1.exe.

Start x1.exe. Enlarge the program window to a convenient size by dragging the bottom right corner. In menu Bot select the first item: this brings up the login screen. Fill in the data and click on Login. If you wish to save your citizen number and password, edit those fields in the Universe Data Editor on the right side of the login screen. Read, in the help pages, Getting Started for more details after you install the bot.

Note: Please do not ask me questions about the bot through AW telegrams, they will not be answered. Send me an e-mail to You can activate your favourite mailer from the xelagot's menu Help | Online | Email to contact me. Before asking questions, read the notices on the download page (especially if the chat files are not working), What's New for changes and the Help files for general and specific information.



Upgrading to versions 3.607 or newer

Xelagot 3.607 introduces many changes, and upgrading from an older version (3.606 or older) requires that the user or hosting service manually moves certain files to new folders. Please read the page on this link before upgrading.

Download Xelagot file (1317607 bytes, x1.exe unpacked 950272 bytes)

Includes dj.exe 2.08 and 3 language files (English, Spanish, Dutch)

Download only (this file is included in file)

DJ.exe makes midi lists used by the Xelagot and Preston bot programs to play music. It downloads the midis and checks their duration. It is included in the normal download, but if you have an old version, you can download it separately: it should go in the xelagot's DeeJay folder. This is version 2.08.

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If you wish to contribute with a donation to help me cover the costs I make for hardware, software and DSL internet connection, all necessary evils to make Xelagot and other free applications, you can't do so via PayPal, I kicked it out :)

Alex Grigny de Castro