What's New in Xelagot 3.4?
xelagot 3.4 is dedicated to Roland Vilett and Nelson Crowle (HamFon)

Note: Please do not ask me questions about the bot through AW telegrams, they will not be answered. Send me an e-mail to xelag@3dee.nl. You can activate your favourite mailer from the xelagot's menu Help | Online | Email to contact me. Before asking questions, please read the notices on the download page (especially if the chat files are not working), What's New for changes and the Help files for general and specific information.


Xelagot 3.417
AW 3.4 SDK build 31

2003, June 14th.

3.4 beta xelagot, SDK build 31

Bug fixes in Action Script Vector and Matrix code (thanks Delph).

An example script for creating a circle of objects using vectors and matrices can be downloaded here. Easily customisable by anyone. Requires this version of xelagot or higher.



Xelagot 3.416
AW 3.4 SDK build 31

2003, June 13th.

3.4 beta xelagot, SDK build 31

Action Script additions: Vector and Matrix variables and functions. See help files for details.

Updates: ActiveWorlds has finally updated the SDK reason codes page, after two years and some nagging. The bot has now been updated too. For a quick check, the verbal command for a reason code is: error <number>, where the number is between 0 and 505 (many reason codes are absent because they are considered by AW not applicable to bots).

Bug fixes: when uni-warping and leaving a world, the bot was dumping a world preferences file with the wrong citnum (that of the destination universe). Old bug. Fixed (thanks Delph).



Xelagot 3.415
AW 3.4 SDK build 31

2003, June 11th.

3.4 beta xelagot, SDK build 31

This version attempts to bypass some AW SDK problems with spontaneous world disconnects of Caretaker bots in Global Mode, noticed since AW SDK 31 is being used. Namely, these bots are getting 'Not welcome' and undocumented reasons disconnects. Caretaker bots that have received these reasons will now attempt re-entry once 20 seconds after disconnection from the world, whatever the disconnection reason. If the world insists in rejecting them with a 'Not welcome' or 'Ejected' message, they will stop attempting to reconnect (the test for Caretakership ability can only be established within the world, it gets lost once the bot is out of the world and world attributes data get deleted); otherwise, they will carry on attempting to reconnect to the world server. Non-Caretaker bots will only attempt to reconnect if the disconnect reason is other than 'Ejected' or 'Not welcome'.

Action Script: I'm working on 2 new variable types, Vector and Matrix, and their operations. My aim at first is to allow scripters to use this form of algebra to modify position of objects and avatars. Orientational rotation of these items is more complicated, because AW uses Euler (actually: Cardan-Bryant) angles, that have inherent limitations (Gimbal Lock) and do not always relate to a specific matrix, so conversion to and fro is not always possible. In this version (undocumented) Vector and Matrix variables are operational in alpha testing state.


Xelagot 3.414
AW 3.4 SDK build 31

2003, June 2nd.

3.4 beta xelagot, SDK build 31

Bug fixes:

  • The Color picker was not working properly on Windows XP, the initial color was not being set. Fixed.


Xelagot 3.413
AW 3.4 SDK build 31

2003, April 18th.

3.4 beta xelagot, SDK build 31

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug in Water level (thanks, Brant).



Xelagot 3.412
AW 3.4 SDK build 31

2003, April 15th.

This bot is the first 3.4 xelagot, using the latest SDK build 31, and first open beta.

User Interface:

  • The speed with which multi-line text is delivered can now be regulated per bot, even while the text is being sent. There is a vertical track-bar to the right of the input for chat. The middle position is normal, full up is about 3x faster, full down 2x slower than normal. There are 5 notches.

Action Script: the latest 3.4 world attributes have the following statements:

  • AllowTouristBuild on|off sets ability for tourists to build on or off
  • EnableWater on|off sets water rendering on or off
  • WaterTopTexture $t for the Texture of the top layer of water
  • WaterTopMask $m for the mask of the Texture of the top layer of water
  • WaterBottomTexture $t for the texture of the bootom layer of water
  • WaterBottomMask $m for the mask of the Texture of the bottom layer of water
  • WaterOpacity %o for the opacity of water (0 to 255)
  • WaterColor %r %g %b for the red, green and blue components of water
  • WaterRed %r for the red component of water
  • WaterGreen %g for the green component of water
  • WaterBlue %b for the blue component of water
  • WaterLevel %m altitude of the water surface (in metres, the AW browser uses decametres)
  • WaterSurfaceMove %v for the movement of the surface (float)
  • WaterWaveMove %v for the movement of the waves (float)
  • WaterSpeed %v for the speed of water (float)
  • WaterVisibility %m for the under-water visibility (metres)
  • WaterBuoyancy %b for the buoyancy of water (float)
  • WorldLightTexture $t for the Texture of the world light (sun)
  • WorldLightMask $m for its mask
  • WorldLightDrawSize %s for its size (integer)
  • WorldLightDrawBright on|off for enabling or disabling glow
  • WorldLightDrawFront on|off for setting (or not) the world light in front of the clouds
  • Gravity %g world gravity in m/sec (10 is like on Earth)
  • TerrainAmbient %a ambient coefficient of terrain tiles (0.0 to 1.0)
  • TerrainDiffuse %d diffuse coefficient of terrain tiles (0.0 to 1.0)
  • SoundFootstep $f filename of sound
  • SoundWaterEnter $f filename of sound
  • SoundWaterExit $f filename of sound

Similar WriteToBot commands have been added.

Caretaker bots in a 3.4 world can change the avatar and gesture of someone (requires that the target has a 3.4 browser or is a bot with a 3.4 sdk). The Action Script statements are:

  • AvSet &p %av
    sets the avatar, no gesture
  • AvSet &p %av %ge
    sets the avatar and gesture of person &p

The Cell Viewer, which was a function coupled to the Survey Manager, has now reached independence. It can be activated from the main form, menu Uni, and from the Object Manager, as well as from the Survey Manager, where it could and can be activated by double-clicking on a cell on the map, from the pop-up menu of the Project list, or from the menu Tools (was from menu Survey).
In the Cell Viewer, refresh is manual for the Survey Cell, automatic for the Project Cell. The user can select the bot and cell coordinates, call the Object Manager, copy objects to the project, etc. If the world allows peeking cells independently of the survey, the cell shown in the Survey Cell list is retrieved by the direct Indexing method (works always), otherwise, it is retrieved from the survey buffer (works only if the bot is actively querying this area).

In the Survey Manager, The menu item to Add Zone to Project now shows clearly whether it is a 3x3 or a 5x5 zone (this depends on the world server). Also, a choice is now given when deleting a zone from the project: you can select a 3x3 or a 5x5 zone, the 'preferred' zone type is marked with a dot, but you are free to select whichever you please.

Right-clicking on an avatar icon on the Presence list now shows the distance from the avatar to the bot, the 3.4 Avatar State (Walking, Running, Flying etc), and the Pitch of the avatar.

The Presence list can now be sorted in 3 ways: by arrival, by arrival (last first), and by name.

The Pitch of the bot's avatar can be changed: open the Avatar Map and (preferably in Front View) use the PageUp and PageDown keys for the bot to look up or down, and the Home key to look level, or use the appropriate buttons. This pitch is broadcasted to other users in a 3.4 world. (Note that the same keys, used with the Ctrl key, change the Zoom).
The Avatar Map's Front View now shows the pitch on it's right hand side, the altitudes have been moved to the left hand side.

To change the Pitch of the avatar using the Action Script, use:
Pitch @a or Pitch %a
See the help files for details.

The WriteToBot commands have been enhanced, see the help pages.

The help file sections for Action Script and Verbal Commands have been updated with the 3.3 and 3.4 statements (finally!)

Bug fixes:

  • teleporting a bot locally was causing the bot to re-enter if the bot had requested Global Mode and this mode was not available. Re-entry should only happen if Global Mode is available for the bot. Fixed.
  • Adding an entry to an empty Rights field could cause a leading or trailing comma to appear. Fixed.
  • Contacts: deleting a contact did not disable its greetings. Fixed, but only for future deletions. If a bot is still greeting someone who is not in its contacts list, add that person to the list (the greetings will re-appear) and then delete that person again. Deleting a non-empty folder is now disabled for the same reason, delete the contents first.
  • In the Object Manager, the bot can click on an object in the world. The button to do so was not always visible. This has been fixed.
  • Funny old bug, one of the oldest I guess! When importing browser teleports, the altitude was 10x smaller that should be. Because my coordinate notation uses metres for altitude (a historical thing) with the same 'a' abbreviation as AW does for its decametres, I compensated by multiplying the altitude by 10... or so I thought. I was actually multiplying the rotation (in decidegrees) by 10! Late night programming? Fixed (thanks, Bcat).
  • IP address sharing: due to a bug in the xelagot code, IP addresses retrieved from the world server by one bot with eject rights would be shared indiscriminately by other bots in the same application (sharing was intruduced to minimise access to the world database). This bug could have two negative effects: (a) a bot that should not be allowed to know the IP address would get the information; (b) the information was not cross-checked for the correct universe, so bots in another universe were getting the wrong information. The fix now applied checks for same universe, same world and Eject rights before sharing the information. This bug would affect mostly hosting-services that host bots for different custommers in one application.
  • Profiles were not being changed permanently in X1 using the user interface. It defaulted to whatever was loaded from the ini file. An old bug presumably, detected and fixed.
  • The universe message was not being issued after it changed. Fixed.

SDK Bug tracking:

  • Added code to help tracking an SDK bug, related to avatars without a name and AvatarChange without AvatarAdd events (seen in Global Mode). The presence list (x1) should now show <name unknown> if the name is absent, this and other bugs are shown in red in the chat list.



Xelagot 3.411
AW 3.4 SDK build 29

2002, December 22nd

This bot has very few additions:

  • A button was added to the 7 'avatar state' buttons (main window and map), to show the avatar and gesture list if it is available. This is a shortcut to using the menu World | avatar.
  • For universe owners, on their request, the citizen's comment line in the universe database can now be received by the action script. The condition is that the bot be logged in as citizen number 1, and that the universe has this ability (3.1 has it, not sure if 3.0 too, lower universes do not have this). The procedure in the Action SCript is as follows:
    1. install the event handler OnCitizenAttributesEvent
    2. if the citizen is stored, for example, in variable &p, call:
      IdentifyCitizen &p
      this will allways consult the universe database, bypassing the bot's own database (only if the bot is number One, otherwise the internal bot database is consulted first to avoid undue traffic)
    3. when the event with the data is triggered, check the citizen name and number, and read the chat or message line, for example:
      GetChatline $a
      GetMessage $a
      (both are equivalent statements): $a contains the comment.




Xelagot 3.410
AW 3.4 SDK build 29

2002, December 9th

Avatar State setting and detection added:

  • The main screen, next to the 'freeze text' beam, has 7 buttons for setting the bot's avatar state: walking, running, flying, swimming, falling, jumping and warping. In new 3.4 worlds (build 48 or higher), a 3.4 compliant browser will broadcast the state of it's avatar, so that other browsers (and bots) know which set of implicit animations they must use for this avatar: the wakling series, the flying series and so on. Bots, of course, have no collision or gravity etc, but you can mimic the state a browser would broadcast by pressing one of these buttons.
  • These same 7 buttons appear on the Avatar Map screen. This is where they really belong.
  • The pop-up menu in the presence screen now also shows the state of the avatar (as well as the gesture, which was misteriously missing).
  • The state of the avatar is also shown in the status bar, next to the position of the avatar.
  • Notice that these states are only meaningfull in 3.4 world servers (or higher), and browsers must also be 3.4 compatible to receive and broadcast these states.
  • The Action Script has 7 new 'ifs' for person variables:
    IfPerson &p XXX statement, where XXX stands for IsWalking, IsRunning, IsFlying, IsSwimming, IsFalling, IsJumping, IsWarping. These only work in 3.4 compliant world servers. These statements are especially useful in the AvatarAdd and AvatarChange events, but also in Chat, AvatarClick, ObjectClick, ObjectSelect, AvatarScan etc... i.e. whenever an avatar present is involved.
  • And 7 states you can apply to your bot:
    AvatarState XXX, where XXX stands for walking, running, flying, swimming, falling, jumping, warping. XXX can be a literal string or a variable containg that string. For example:
    AvatarState Flying
    AvatarState "flying"
    AvatarState $a
      if $a = "flying"
    are all equivalent. Now you can really make your bird fly!



Xelagot 3.409
AW 3.4 SDK build 29

2002, December 6th

First version of x1 using the new updated AW SDK build 29. These new attributes will only work in beta worlds build 48 or higher.

The new world attributes have the following names in x1:

  • EnableWater
  • WaterTopTexture
  • WaterTopMask
  • WaterBottomTexture
  • WaterBottomMask
  • WaterOpacity
  • WaterRed
  • WaterGreen
  • WaterBlue
  • WaterLevel
    X1 uses metres, in contrast to the SDK and browser which use decametres
  • WaterSurfaceMove
  • WaterWaveMove
  • WaterSpeed
  • WaterVisibility
  • WaterBuoyancy
  • WorldLightTexture
  • WorldLightMask
  • WorldLightDrawSize
  • WorldLightDrawBright
     or glow
  • WorldLightDrawFront
  • Gravity
  • TerrainAmbient
  • TerrainDiffuse
  • SoundFootstep
  • SoundWaterEnter
  • SoundWaterExit

The Rating system for worlds has been updated to check the world server build number and adapt its behaviour accordingly.

The new attributes are funcional only in the user interface, not in scripting! Script additions for individual attributes will be done in the next version. You can, nevertheless, load and save the (full or partial) list of attributes through the user interface (in the tab File) and, if your bot uses this sort of file, attributes may be changed by scripted bots. For example, the WorldSchedule bot script should work properly with the new attributes.

It is strongly recommended to back up your world attributes using the Admin program before setting attributes using this bot!

Other enhancements:

  • the verbal command warpgz now sends the bot to the entry point, if one is specified in world attributes, instead of to 0n 0w 0a 0. This only works at present for the world the bot is already in, not for cross-world warping.



Xelagot 3.406
AW 3.4 SDK build 27

2002, November 13th

Important bug fix: memory leak apparent only if the bot is used for many hours or days. This bug affects all xelagots (x1, av99bot and srvcXlgbot) since versions 3.3 (also this 3.4 beta), and all versions are now patched (thanks BCat).

  • New verbal commands:
    brings the bot to terrain level
    brings the bot to exact terrain altitude
    brings the bot to the south-east corner of the cell, facing north. The cell lies in front and to the left of the bot

  Other bug fixes:
  • 'Add Zone to Project' in Project Manager was always adding a 3x3 zone, even in 5x5 zone worlds. Fixed.


this version includes new 3.4 world management options, BUT THEY DO NOT WORK because there has been no upgrade of the bot SDK (water, etc). They are there just to reserve a place in the World attribute screen. Some old attributes have moved to other pages (e.g. backdrop, skybox to tab 'Lights, Fog, Sky', ground object and terrain options to tab 'Ground, Water').


Xelagot 3.405
AW 3.4 SDK build 27

2002, September Friday the 13th

  • A new version of Xelagot 3.309 and this beta version fix a bug I discovered today in the property query code, and which dates from as far as 3.1 or possibly earlier versions: if the bot's Object cache is used for querying (surveying) property, old deleted objects may sometimes reappear in the surveys and in backups. Because of this bug, some scripts may fail to work at apparently random moments. This is a serious bug, as it affects the core of the xelagot code (all bots, including av99 and srvcXlg are affected), so please upgrade!

    The functions affected are:

    • verbal command queries
    • all surveys made by querying with the Survey Manager if the cache is used
    • action script surveys with "QueryAt @a" that do not specify "QueryUseCache OFF"
    • action script "ProjectBackup" as from Xelagot version 3.3 (before that version, the cache was never used for this function). This includes the functioning of the world backup scripts distributed with X1 (they are safe to use after upgrading)

    Not affected are:

    • backups/propdumps made with the Survey Manager's "Backup" tool using the iteration method
    • "ProjectBackup" scripts used before Xelagots version 3.3

    Note that this bug does not make you lose objects, but it will add unnecesary objects and may cause the Object Inspector to squeak. It can cause bot malfunction in scripts.



Xelagot 3.404
AW 3.4 SDK build 27

2002, Saturday, September 7th

  • Plugins folder
    The bot now has (makes if necessary) a Plugins folder: start x1 and stop it, so that the folder is made. The only plugin available at the moment is Andras' zipdll.dll, which can be downloaded at http://andras.net/tools/zipdllnew1.zip (the NEW version). Download it and unzip only the zipdll.dll file (the others are not needed) and put it in the bot's Plugins folder, and restart the x1 application. This dll enables the bot to unzip files used by AW. Important: put zipdll.dll in the Plugins folder.
  • Avatars.dat can be downloaded from the world's object path, or retrieved from the AW Browser's cache if the browser has been properly initialised in the bot. A new menu item, World | Avatar, allows you to view and to change the avatars and gestures. Double-click on an avatar or gesture to change it (you can only change the gestures of the avatar the bot is using, but you can see gestures for any avatar), or press Escape to close the Avatars menu.
    How does this work?
    * If zipdll.dll is present in the Plugins folder, and the world object path is known to the bot, the bot will attempt to download and unzip avatars.dat. If successfull, the new menu item will be enabled. Caretaker bots know their object path, so for them, this option works automatically.
    * Non caretaker bots have to manually add the object path: you can find out how it is called in the AW Browser's cache\art folder (a bit of guesswork): the folder names in there represent the object paths of worlds. Change the "-" character to "/" (some "-" characters, if really present in the url, may have to remain). For example, the world aw in ActiveWorlds has a folder called objects.activeworlds.com-aw, so the URL is objects.activeworlds.com/aw. Enter the bot in the world, open the menu World | World Attributes, click on the Object Path button to the left of the empty Object Path's field, and enter the URL of the object path in the new window.
    * If zipdll.dll is not present, or downloading and unzipping fails, the bot will examine the browsers cache (if the browser has been initialised in the bot). If it finds the appropriate avatars.dat, it will attempt to load it.
  • New Action Script statements (they work only if zipdll.dll is present):
    IfAWZipper statement tests if zipdll.dll is available and loaded.
    IfAWUnzip $zipfile $destinationfile $password statement. All three variables must be included, password can be an empty string. This will unzip the AW-way: only one file will be unzipped, the destination filename is used for it.



Xelagot 3.403
AW 3.4 SDK build 27

2002, Wednesday August 21st

  • The Terrain Manager can now upload (and modify) empty pages. To understand this, we must have a look at what the world server does: if a terrain page has never been edited (modified), as for example, a terrain page has never been touched or the terrain has just been deleted, the world database does not have any data for that page (pages are 128x128 coords square, a world up to 64N only has one page). When you backup the terrain and create your elevdump file, nothing is sent for non-existing pages... and you can't modify those pages with a bot using that file. x1 version 3.403 (and the regular 3.308 which has also been upgraded for this) will create, on demand, the missing data. You can specify up to which world coordinate this must be done: a 0 value will automatically grab the world size, and you can add and modify as many empty pages as you wish. For example, you wish to make the terrain lower by 10 metres, and your world is up to 50N. You can specify that the terrain be lowered up to 250N if you wish... the bot will add the missing pages (lowered by 10m) to the database: the result will be your 'legal' central page, and 24 others around it :)
    Thanks, Tengel, for pointing out this problem.



Xelagot 3.402
AW 3.4 SDK build 27

2002, Saturday August 17th

Bug fixes:
  • Access violation on closing x1: at high heartbeats, if the Map was open and one launched a url (e.g. by double clicking on one in the chat screen), the url launcher would cause an access violation when closing the bot application, due to a Microsoft failure in connecting back to the launching window when issuing a ShellExec command (the function would never return). Fixed by limiting the refresh speed of the Map.
  • Propdump/propload fix: the new 3.3 propdump format changed the encoding of hard-returns in the description and action strings. The old 0x0D + 0x7F code was replaced by 0x80 + 0x7F. The 0x80 character appears on screen as the new Euro symbol. This change was not documented by ActiveWorlds. The new xelagot version can read both encodings, and upload the project correctly. When saving a 3.3 propdump to file, the new encoding is now used. Note: the 3.3 official version of x1, av99 and srvcXlg bots (3.307) have also been fixed for this problem.



Xelagot 3.401
AW 3.4 SDK build 27

  • Action Script:
    • The following 3.4 World Attribute statements have been added:

      AvatarRefreshRate %r (valid integer values: 1 to 15)
      AllowCitizenWhisper ON|OFF
      DisableChat ON|OFF
      AlwaysShowNames ON|OFF
      DisableAvatarList ON|OFF
      SkyNColor %r %g %b for the Northern sky (valid integer values: 0 to 255)
      SkyNRed %r for the Northern sky (valid integer value: 0 to 255)
      SkyNGreen %r for the Northern sky (valid integer value: 0 to 255)
      SkyNBlue %r for the Northern sky (valid integer value: 0 to 255)
      for the other skies, substitute SkyN with SkyW (west), SkyS (south), SkyE (east), SkyT (top), SkyB (bottom), for example: SkyTColor %r %g %b for the top sky

      Clouds1Texture $t for the Texture of the 1st cloud level
      Clouds1Mask $m for the Mask of the 1st cloud level
      Clouds1Opacity %o for the opacity of the 1st cloud level (valid integer values: 0 to 255)
      Clouds1SpeedX %x for the west-east speed of the 1st cloud level (float number)
      Clouds1SpeedZ %z for the north-south speed of the 1st cloud level (float number)
      Clouds1Tile %t for the tiling value of the first cloud level (float number)
      for levels 2 and 3, substitute Clouds1 with Clouds2 or Clouds3
  • WriteToBot:
    • Similar statements have been added to the WriteToBot commands.
  • User interface in x1:
    • I added a new button next to the Repeat button: the 'O' or Chat Options button for caretaker bots. These options apply to text sent by the bot from the chat input screen:
      *  allways send whispers as console messages when in Global Mode. This ensures that whispers are received, but the receiving end may not be able to respond.
      Notice that if the bot is invisible in Global Mode, it will always send whispers as console messages.
      *  you can set the default colour and style of console messages
    • Console Messages can now be sent from the Chat input: a new console message button was added that permits to switch modes.
    • The chat input screen has it's own right-click pop-up menu with interesting options that allow you to send the text to groups of people: citizens, tourists, bots. The ENTER button is for sending text to one specific group: whisper and console message to the avatars on the Whisper list, Chat to all who can hear it, Command to the bot.
    • Whispers sent to individual avatars using the Presence list right-click option, or the one on the Map, can also be sent now as console messages if the bot is caretaker.
Bug fixes:
  • The teleport menu item on the Teleports list was malfuncioning. Fixed.



Xelagot 3.400
AW 3.4 SDK build 27

  • The World Attributes screen contains new items:
    • Avatar refresh rate speeds up the transmission of data from world server to browser and bots. The default is 1 per second, the highest speed is 15 per second (careful: this generates a lot of traffic!).
    • Allow citizen whisper can now stop citizens from whispering.
    • Disable chat prevents chat being sent to browsers and bots directly, allowing bots in global mode to do the chat transmission (filtering, formatting) using console messages.
    • Always show names above avatars, even if they have not spoken.
    • Disable avatar list blocks avatar selection. It can be used together with the new SDK 3.4 feature which allows caretaker bots to set the avatar style of visitors.
    • The tab Lights & Fog has additional controls for setting the Sky Colours.
    • A new tab Clouds controls the setting of the 3 cloud layers: Texture, Mask, SpeedX, SpeedY, Opacity and Tile.
    • The File tab includes these new attributes.

  • The pop-up (right-click) menu in the Presence list allows the user to set the avatar and gesture of visitors. The bot must be caretaker to do this.
  • Action Script, Verbal Commands and Write To Bot has NOT been updated.
  • Backdrop colour is now called Fog colour, following the change in terminology used by AW. The Action Script statements for this have been changed (the old statements work too): FogColor %r %g %b, FogRed %r, FogGreen %g, FogBlue %b replace BackdropColor %r %g %b, BackdropRed %r etc. Also the terminology in world attributes file has been adjusted (old files are still handled correctly).
  • User interface in x1: caretaker bots in Global Mode will whisper using Console Messages instead of whisper, if the target is using a 3.3 compatible browser or SDK. This ensures that whispers are always received by those targets, even if the bot is out of range for them. This has been changed in version 3.401, see there.
    This does NOT affect whispering using script statements or chat files, it only affects those sent using the GUI facilities!
Bug fixes:
  • Console messages sent as text-lists were not being reported properly in the chat window or log file. Fixed (thanks BCat).

DOWNLOAD here the x1 3.417 beta version (AW SDK build 31):
  • Only download this version if you are familiar with Xelagots.
  • Back up your current xelagot folder if you wish to overwrite your installed version with this one.
  • make sure you unzip all contents preserving the folder structure. The aw.dll is newer and must be unzipped too!
  • send all bug reports to xelag@3dee.nl, do not post them in the beta newsgroup.
Xelagot 3.3 and earlier history
The 3.3 (current version) pages are here.

Alex Grigny de Castro
email: xelag@3dee.nl