Xelagot topics

Logging in and Teleporting. The Teleports and Worlds lists

The introductory section Getting started: Login explains the full login procedure, including how to get the bot into a universe without entering a world (in a footnote).

There are more ways to login your bot, once the bot has set a Profile. You can use the user interface Teleport facilities, Verbal Commands and Action Script statements to log it in. You can not change the bot's profile in these cases. All these are identified with the teleport symbol teleport symbol.

  1. Teleporting using the Teleport selector in menu Uni | Teleport.
    In this selector you can chose a universe and type in coordinates.
  2. Teleporting using the custom Teleport list next to the Chat screen.
    Hidden under the Presence list little blue face are two more lists: the worlds list world and the teleport list lightning. You can double click on any teleport location on this list to bring up the Teleport selector, or right-click on the location and select Teleport to teleport directly.
  3. You can give the bot Verbal commands through the user interface: click on the command button, type in your command in the yellow box, and press Enter. If you are logged in with your AW browser, and the bot has registered the browser, you can issue verbal commands such as "join me", "follow me", "come here", "botname enter" to log in the bot. See the corresponding verbal commands.
  4. Action Scripts can also log in the bot. If they are remembered by the bot in the ini file and have a Run statement in the [Settings] section, they will start automatically when you start the program. Action scripts have a few statements to log in the bot, for example the Warp statement. See Motion: Warp... and Motion: Logging in and out.

The Teleport list  lightning

Next to the Chat screen, you can access the Teleport list by clicking on its icon. This list is for all the bots in the program. It can be organised in one level of folders containing teleport addresses. To make a folder, right-click on the list, click New Folder, give it a name and press Enter. You can edit folder names by left-clicking on them once, or by right clicking on them and selecting Edit. You can delete folders by right-clicking on them and selecting Delete.

Teleports can be added in two ways:

  1. When the bot is at a certain location you wish it to remember, select a folder on the list, right-click on it and select Remember. This brings up a screen where you can add your own title for the teleport location. The list will show this teleport in the chosen folder. It contains the name of the universe, world and coordinates.
  2. You can import your AW browser list: right-click on the list and select Import. Search for your teleport list in your browser's folder, select it and import it. Next, you must edit each teleport to set the universe name using the combo box: the program does not do that for you, it shows an {unassigned} universe. You must change this {unassigned} to the right universe name because otherwise the teleport might end up sending the bot to the wrong universe. See below for how to edit a teleport.

To edit a teleport, right click on it and select Edit. You can change all data manually.

To move a teleport location to another folder, select it and drag it with your mouse.

You can delete teleports as you can folders: right-click on it and select Delete.

To teleport the bot, double-click on a teleport location to bring up the teleport selector, or right click on it and select Teleport to teleport directly.

Caution: it is recommended you back up your teleport list regularly. The file containing the teleports is called Teleport.txt and is in your Preferences folder. Copy it regularly to some other location, or to the same location with a slightly different name. The reason? In very rare cases, the program may produce an Access Violation error message when running or closing. These bugs should not occur and should be reported inmediately, stating the version number and the circumstances. If that happens, your teleports may be destroyed.

The Worlds list  lightning

Next to the Chat screen, click on the Worlds icon to see the list of worlds in the universe the bot is currently visiting. Every time you click on that button, the list gets refreshed.

The icons of the worlds can have different colours, depending on the world status: green is for 'open to all visitors', red is for 'closed world', grey is for 'unknown status'. Only online worlds are shown, with the number of non-bot visitors.

If you double-click on a world, the teleport selector pops up to allow you to teleport your bot to that world.

Since the list of worlds is empty when the bot is not logged into a universe, you can not use it to log in your bot.